CPV offers its customers access to our communication system GESINTRA.During his work controller works offers services in the broadcasting and reporting on the progress of works, either associated with the decennial guarantee insurance or on any tipe f thechical situatuion from the standpoint of risk management.
GESINTRAmethod itself is a document management via the Internet, which allows all participating agencies with which CPV can hace access to the documentation of their work anytime, anywhere in the world and with only a basic infrastructure today.
CPV after checking it and making their reports, you can now share document with only a basic infraestructure today.
> From anywhere in the word, in real time
>In a safe, efficient and agile
> With tools and every day use
Each agent only displayed their works
Customizable shortcuts in folders and access
This procedure document management used during the last 7 years, turns on a pioneer CPV to utilizavle current technology ti enhance and facilitate information transmission.
Similarly those with speaking CPV may "hang" your documentation GESINTRA, resulting in a smooth and eddective two-way communication between the CPV and client.


Documento de Gesintra